PS…This Week Is The PGA’s US Open!

Tiger Woods_US Open

Just saying…I’m sure some of you didn’t know that.

Major Players:

– Tiger Woods

– Adam Scott

– Phil Mickelson

– Matt Kuchar

– Rory McIlroy

– Justin Rose

– Lee Westwood

Other Tidbits:

Garcia and Woods have been going at it for the last couple of months due to a few “incidences”

– Woods pulled out a club during one of Garcia’s shots during the Players Championship (one may find that distracting) and Garcia wound up sending his shot straight into the woods (no pun intended)

– Garcia, when asked if he would do dinner with Woods during the US Open responded by saying “We’ll have him ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”, which was seen has hurtful by Woods and as racist by many members of the public

– The two shook hands today during the practice rounds of the open….so who knows how this will progress

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