Denver Broncos release Veteran RB Willis McGahee

Willis McGahee_Release From Broncos

Why That Matters:

– McGahee will most likely have plenty of offers to play elsewhere as he was quite the asset to the Broncos in his 2 years with the team

– Denver drafted rookie Montee Ball from Wisconsin this year – he will have a better shot at being one of the season’s starter if he continues to play as well as he did in his college (5,100 yards with 77 touchdowns during a 49-game career)

– Knowshon Moreno, who took over as the starting RB when McGahee was injured last season will most likely get to continue to play a pivotal role in the running game with McGahee not returning to the team

– This move will also give the 2012-drafted RB Ronnie Hillman, who wasn’t used much last season, a chance to show he can add to the offense

Other Tidbits:

– With an injury ridden set of RB’s on their roster, the Dallas Cowboys would surely be a fit for Willis McGahee

– With the release of one of their key RB’s last season, The NY Giants would also be a good fit for McGahee – the Giants are a team known for their value of a hard hitting running game


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