Jason Kidd Named Head Coach For Brooklyn Nets

Jason Kidd Head Coach Nets

Why That Matters:

– It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were cheering Jason Kidd on as a New York Knicks player in the playoffs, and now he’s a full blown head coach

– The Nets were playing most of their season last year under the guidance of interim coach P.J. Carlessimo after their season starting head coach Avery Johnson was fired

– It’s not often that players maneuver into the Head Coach position this quickly, but the Nets seem to believe that Jason Kidd is ready

Other Tidbits:

– Jason Kidd was in the league since 1994 where he started with the Dallas Mavericks

– He ended his career this year, retiring as a New York Knick on June 3rd of this year

– Jason Kidd was also a member of the NJ Nets from 2001 – 2008, making his transition back not completely unexpected

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