Miami Heat Even The Playing Field – Defeat Spurs 109-93 In Game 4


Why That Matters:

– This game is the 2nd of 3 straight that will be played on San Antonio’s home turf – they usually perform much better at home, but Miami ripped the rug from under their legs last night

– This now puts San Antonio in a MUST WIN situation for their last game at home AND they will now have to win one in one of the last 2 games that will be held on Miami’s home turf

– After a playoff series that hasn’t been all that glowing for Miami’s big 3 (Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh), last night they seemed to reunite and dominate to take down the Spurs

– Tony Parker did wind up playing even with the hamstring injury, but apparently it wasn’t enough to counter Miami’s big 3 attack

Other Tidbits:

– Wade, Bosh and James scored a combined 85 out of the 109 points that the Heat scored in total – VERY IMPRESSIVE

– The Heat have not lost consecutive games since Jan 10th of this year, so it’s not surprising that they won game 4

– Game 5 is scheduled for 8pm EST on Sunday, June 16th

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