Boston Bruins Outlast the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 2 to Tie the Stanley Cup Series 1-1

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two

Why This Matters:

–  In this series home-ice advantage is key due to the two very strong fan bases (Chicago & Boston are notorious for their loud & loyal fans in all sports arenas)… So this win was huge for Boston as they now head to their home ice for 2 games with the series tied 1-1 (best of 7 games)

–  This series is looking to be all about endurance as Game 1 went into triple overtime (5th longest game in playoff history – 52 min of play time over the regulation 60 min) and Game 2 went into a single overtime (7 min over regulation)

–  Chris Kelly, one of the Boston Bruins stars, ended up tying the game in the 2nd period – this was his first post-season goal since April 12, 2012 (talk about drought!!!) – although Kelly isn’t really seen as a ‘goal scorer’ the good news for the Bruins is when Kelly does score the Bruins are 10-1 (which is an amazing win-loss record)

Other Tidbits: –  Game 3 is Monday night in Boston at 8pm EST and will air on NBC Sports Network

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