San Antonio Spurs Dominate Miami Heat in Finals Game 5


Why That Matters: 

– This was San Antonio’s last game playing at home – the next 2 games will be in Miami, giving the Heat the home court advantage for the remainder of the playoffs

– The Heat destroyed San Antonio at home to bring the series to a 2-2 tie in game 4, so game 5 was a serious must-win for the Spurs

Other Tidbits:

– Final score: Miami 104 – San Antonio 114

– Manu Ginobili stepped up his game yesterday and scored a season high of 24 points

– Danny Green broke the NBA Finals 3-point shot record in a series in the 3rd quarter of the game; he is currently to 25-38 so far and still has 2 more games to add to that number – that’s a 70% completion rate – AMAZING!

– Even with the hamstring injury, Tony Parker continues to be a key asset to the Spurs, scoring 26 points (the most on the team) last night

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