Yankees Finally Break 5 Game Losing Streak Versus LA Angels


Why That Matters:

– The Yankees are typically at the top of their division this time of year, but 2013 has been a struggle (due to tons of injury), inclusive of the last 5 games in which they could not seem to snag a win

– With the win, the Yankees are now 3rd in their division (the AL East); they are now only 3 games behind the 1st place Boston Red Sox (the Yankees division rivals)

Other Tidbits:

– CC Sabathia pitched nearly the entire game, until in the 9th inning he gave up 5 runs, causing Girardi to call the bull pen to bring in Mariano

– Mariano Rivera got the save last night after the Yankees almost blew their 6-0 lead completely in the 9th inning


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