Boston Bruins Take 2-1 Series Lead Over Chicago Blackhawks in Stanley Cup Series


Why That Matters:

– Nothing beats a win at home! And for the Bruins, winning their first game back in Boston was key

– The Blackhawks are still a favorite in this series, so winning game 4 will be crucial for them – leaving Boston 2 games behind is definitely not an option

Other Tidbits:

– Final score: Bruins 2 – Blackhawks 0

– Bruins Goaltender Tuukka Rask had his 3rd shut out of the playoffs with 28 saves

– Throughout the playoffs, the Bruins have only lost 2 games and both occurred during OT (they have yet to lose in regulation)

– The Bruins haven’t allowed a goal in 122 minutes and 26 seconds – the equivalent of more than two regulation games (last goal scored on Rask was early in the 1st period of game 2)

– Game 4 will be played in Boston at 8pm EST

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