Miami Heat Takes Game 7 Against the Spurs to Win their 2nd Straight NBA Championship


Why That Matters:

– This NBA Finals has been a stellar match-up, going back and forth with who came out on top, but essentially the Heat came out on top of the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 with a score of 95-88

– LeBron James (and the Miami Heat) now have back-to-back wins in the NBA Championships, LeBron scored a stellar 37 points and had 12 rebounds in this Game 7 win

–  Although the Spurs were stellar through the finals, there were several missed opportunities that caused them to lose Game 7 – such as Tony Parker and Danny Green (2 of the finals best players) combining to miss 20 of 24 shots and Tim Duncan missed a crucial shot and attempted second try tip-in (that he would normally hit) with a minute to go

-LeBron James was named the MVP of the 2013 NBA Finals (this is his 2nd year in a row earning that award)

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