Chicago Blackhawks Take Stanley Cup Series Lead in Boston With 3-1 Win

APTOPIX Stanley Cup Bruins Blackhawks Hockey


Why That Matters:

– The Blackhawks have now won 2 in a row versus the Bruins – the last game being in Boston

– Chicago now has the lead in the Stanley Cup race, and with only 2 games remaining, this puts them in a good position to win the Cup

– With one more win, Chicago could end this series in 6 games rather than going the full 7

Other Tidbits:

– Game 6 is tonight at 8pm EST in Boston

– If the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, it will be the first time they’ve done so in 4 years

– One of the Blackhawks key players, Jonathan Toews was injured during the game and is not definite to be playing tonight


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