Former Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen Knocks Out Fan in Malibu

Scottie Pippen_KO

Scottie Pippen was known to be Michael Jordan’s right-hand man when he played for the Chicago Bulls back in the day. Now a 47-year old retired NBA player, Pippen has found himself in a bit of a pickle recently. On Monday (June 24th) police questioned Pippen in regards to an altercation between him and an autograph-seeking fan in front of Nobu. When police arrived at the scene, Scottie was already long gone. The man that Pippen knocked out was taken immediately to the hospital. According to the Los Angeles County sheriff’s dept, Pippen has been cooperative throughout the investigation.

According to reports, the victim had been taking pictures of Scottie and his family throughout their dinner at Nobu. When Scottie and family were leaving the restaurant, the fan followed him out for an autograph – and that’s when the fight ensued. No charges have yet been brought up against Pippen to date.

Other Tidbits:

– Sources say that the fan was being drunk and aggressive in the restaurant towards Pippen and his family – even sitting at their table at one point when one of Pippen’s guests stepped away to go to the bathroom

– Pippen has also recently claimed that the fan used the “N” word and spit at him, causing him to lose his temper

– Scottie won 6 NBA titles throughout his career – all won under the wing of Michael Jordan

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