Meet Jane

I’m sure you’re wondering how a site like this came to be. Well here’s the story.

Jane, a girl super passionate about sports, constantly found herself in the presence of men and men only. As much fun as that was for her, she wished that she could meet other women who were into sports as much as she was.

Sure, she found a couple of girls who were into the NFL – but they just liked it for the cute pink Jerseys.

Then she found some girls who were into MLB – but they were too busy drooling over Derek Jeter’s good looks, rather than caring about when he would come off of the injury list.

NHL fans, well she found a few of them, but they didn’t know much about the sport – only that they only watched because their boyfriends loved it so much.

So after a lot of sports FAILS, Jane decided it was high time to teach women some basics about the world of professional sports.

– Light sports news

– Reasons why you should care about it

– And maybe a little gossip on the side

In this way, not only will Jane have more girl friends to talk about sports with, but she will give women the knowledge they need to become more passionate about the sports world.

Talk about leveling the playing field :).

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